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About us
Our goal is to become the industry leader and the leader, whether technical or management.
 We will always remember that employees, customers, suppliers, agents and shareholders interests, his / her development as part of our long-term strategic partner. And always bear in mind the social responsibility in our hearts.
 We are always seeking to maximize employee value and growth, make unremitting efforts to develop effective teams and work environment, and to have excellent staff and a sense of pride.
 We advocate a positive, effective communication behavior, create an environment for the communication;
 We advocate a positive, proactive attitude, to encourage innovation;
 We condemn the irresponsible attitude and self-centered behavior.
We must have good moral character, moving away from bad habits.
We promote learning and self-development, and efforts to create an environment for personal growth.
We always remember that sense of service, constant pursuit of perfection and enhance service capabilities.
We respect the views of staff, and as much as possible to meet the needs of individuals. We must be united, progressive, humane society for the realization of the environment.
"King of Development Declaration" is described:
1, our development goals;
2, our values;
3, our emphasis on "communication","active","responsibility";
4, we emphasize the human (moral, behavior);
5, we focus on learning and service;
6, we respect employees;