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JD-800 Aluminum alloy casting machine

Detailed information

Stability of equipment
The equipment is supported by arc welding steel frame with low center of gravity, and the frame has enough span to ensure good stability of the equipment.
The mass inertia of the equipment movement will affect the stability of the equipment. In order to avoid the movement of the equipment due to accidental vibration, foot bolt holes are reserved on the equipment to fix the equipment.
Design criteria for equipment dimensions
All parts and connectors are designed with corrosion and wear aging in mind, providing sufficient strength requirements for normal operation of the equipment.
Electrical safety
The three-phase power line from the power grid is led to the switch through the special channel in the electric control cabinet, and the terminal of the power line is equipped with a special plastic protective cover. Any live wire and terminal shall have an obvious warning sign. All components in the electric control cabinet adopt the protection standard of IP20. There are a series of special grounding terminals near all wires in the electric control cabinet. Each grounding terminal is connected to the same ground wire. The color of all wires in the electric control cabinet conforms to the current law. All terminals are of the same standard and fixed in the same way. All motors adopt special magnetocaloric elements for over-current and overload protection. The main coil of transformer also adopts special magnetocaloric element for overload protection. There are self overload protection measures inside the electronic components. If the daily maintenance and use are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual, the electrical hazards can be completely eliminated.
Hydraulic safety
The equipment is driven by hydraulic pump driven by motor, and the oil pressure is enough to drive the equipment. There is no other danger except the action caused by the hydraulic cylinder drive, no oil pressure or voltage accumulator; the size of rigid and flexible oil pipes are enough to resist the expected maximum oil pressure, all oil pipes are fastened on the frame, or tightly bundled with self-locking nylon ties, so as to avoid accidental sudden stretching, and the flexible oil pipes are fixed in a position free from the wear of moving parts Set. In any case, even if the oil pipe breaks, it will not cause harm to the human body, because the oil pressure and temperature in the circulation system are not very high.
Product attributes
Function and technical parameters of gravity casting machine
Jd800 aluminum alloy
8.1 technical parameters of main engine
8.1.1 The maximum size mold frame          700x600x500
8.1.1 maximum size of formwork 700x600x500
8.1.2 Hoist Cylinder Size                   Φ125/60×400
8.1.2 lifting cylinder specification Φ 125 / 60 × 400
8.1.3The Maximum Opening/ Clamping Force   94KN/123KN
8.1.3 maximum opening / closing force 94kn / 123kn
8.1.4 Maximum / Minimum Distance Between Top and Bottom Formwork                               800mm/400mm
8.1.4 maximum / minimum spacing between upper and lower formwork 800mm / 400mm
8.1.5 Push Core Cylinder Size               Φ100/60×100
8.1.5 specification of jacking oil cylinder Φ 100 / 60 × 100
8.1.6 Push Core Force                      79KN
8.1.6 jacking force of jacking oil cylinder 79kn
8.1.7 Table tilting angle                     0 ° -45 °
8.1.7 table tilting angle 0-45 degrees
8.1.8 Rated Power hydraulic station           5.5KW
8.1.8 rated power of hydraulic station 5.5kw
8.1.9 Hydraulic system pressure rating         8Mpa
8.1.9 the pressure level of hydraulic system is 8Mpa
8.1.10 Hydraulic system working pressure      0-10Mpa
8.1.10 working pressure of hydraulic system 0-10mpa
8.1.11 control manual and automatic
8.1.11 control mode: manual and automatic
Use and maintenance
Preparation before equipment startup
The following checks should be carried out before starting the equipment each time:
Ensure no sundries or tools are stacked on the equipment;
Ensure that all staff are in a safe area outside the scope of equipment activities;
Make sure the emergency stop switch is off
Start of pouring cycle
Turn on the main power switch on the electric control cabinet;
Make sure the emergency stop button is off
Start the oil pump;
Press the cycle button to start the cycle
Basic cycle description
The casting cycle is divided into three stages: mold dip coating, preparation for casting and casting
Casting cycle process (pre pouring): mold dip coating, core setting, mold closing, worktable descending to horizontal position, casting rotation, mold opening and parts taking.
Once a month, thoroughly check whether the oil pipe and its joint are in good condition to prevent damage to the oil pipe or joint;
Check the condition of pedal once a month;
Check and clean the dust in the electric control cabinet once a month. During cleaning, the power must be turned off;
Check the closing switch once a month;
Check the proximity switch for good condition once a week.