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Superior performance and different types of core shooter in foundry industry

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  The core shooter is made of coated sand, which is suitable for hot box and cold box. Its main feature is to use two guide pillars, open and close the mold vertically, and install two different molds at the same time. The middle fixed frame can be installed with fixed mold on both sides, left and right open and close the mold.
   core shooter is widely used in the foundry industry, so the core made by core shooter has accurate size and smooth surface. When working, the core sand mixture with liquid or solid thermosetting resin as binder only needs to be injected into the heated core box, and the sand core is preheated in the core box and hardened to a certain thickness quickly. After taking it out, the high-quality sand core product with smooth surface and accurate size can be formed.
   core shooter has been widely used in recent years, mainly because the use of core shooter can not only save high wages of molding workers, but also reduce the waste of pouring riser due to multi box stacked pouring. The collapsibility of coated sand after pouring is very good, which is conducive to sand cleaning. The production efficiency of the core shooter is high, the size of the sand mold is accurate, and the processing amount can be reduced appropriately. It is easy to operate and has high yield of castings. More foundries prefer to use core shooter.
   at present, core shooters can be divided into vertical parting caseless injection molding machine and horizontal parting caseless injection molding machine. The former does not use sand box in molding, and the molding sand is directly injected into the molding room with template. The sand mold has high dimensional accuracy, and there are cavities on both sides of the sand box. The productivity is high, but it is difficult to lay the core, and the quality of molding sand is strict.
   and the latter needs to use sand box for molding. After the sand mold is made, it can close the mold and take off the box, which is convenient for core laying and high productivity. Because the characteristics of the two kinds of core shooters are different, users should choose the suitable products according to the actual requirements.
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