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Did you use the gravity casting machine correctly?

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There are many types of gravity casting machine, each type of gravity casting machine should do different work, gravity casting machine is one of the basic processes of modern mechanical manufacturing technology. Gravity casting machine is a kind of casting machine which uses casting technology to melt the metal into a liquid meeting certain requirements and pour it into the mold, and then after cooling, solidification and cleaning, it can get the casting mechanical equipment with predetermined shape, size and performance. Next, lets take a look at the technical outline of gravity casting machine.
Selection of resin and curing agent.
At present, bisphenol-A epoxy resin is widely used in the world, and unsaturated polyester resin is also used in Europe and the United States. Other resins are available, but the control of application occasion and process is different from bisphenol-A epoxy resin
Additives for resins and curing systems
According to different structures, different gradations are used
Desiccant used for drying filler and aggregate, or necessary process
Reasonable mixing mode of resin and curing agent
Design and manufacture of vibration table
Vibration scheme for tamping mineral castings
Key points of making sheet metal for grouting parts
According to the properties of mineral castings, reasonable structure design is carried out to ensure that the advantages of mineral castings can be brought into full play
Mold design, including steel mold, wood mold and other materials mold
The formulation and application of gel coat ensure smooth and beautiful demoulding surface of mineral casting
The internal reinforcement of mineral castings greatly improves the rigidity of mineral castings
Manufacture of mould inner core
Post curing treatment of mineral castings
Quality control of raw materials and mineral castings
Bonding technology between different mineral casting parts
The second copy technology of mineral casting precision surface
The formula of filling material used for weight gain or vibration absorption.